My Wife Thinks I Am Undergoing Penis Enlargement For Her


My wife does not seem to mind that we have been taking a break from our sex life lately.

I told her I am undergoing a program for manhood enlargement, and I can not do certain things right now. She bought it, and it was half true.

I am undergoing a program for manhood enlargement, but I am fully cleared to still do certain activities during the process.

It’s just that I am sleeping on the couch, like I have been for months, and I refuse to have sex with her just so I can share a bed with her.

She thinks I’m doing the enlargement to satisfy her, but I’m saving it to satisfy my future relationships.

In truth, I’m saving up my money for the new year, when my raise at work kicks in and I can afford my own place.

Then my lawyer is going to hit her with divorce papers so fast and hard it makes her head spin and world stop moving.

I’ll take my enhanced manhood back onto the dating scene and find a woman who does not try to control me with criticisms and guilt trips all the time.