Maybe Lasting Longer In Bed Isn’t So Important


There’s a lot of pressure on people, guys especially, to be able to last for a long time in the bed room.

While premature ejaculation can definitely put a damper on the mood, prolonging the actual act of intercourse itself is far from the only important aspect of physical intimacy.

That’s especially true if you’re in a committed relationship.

There are ways to maximize how long you last of course, but if you find that you’re still “falling short” in that area, you can still enjoy yourself and show your partner a good time.

You should focus more on foreplay and putting the spotlight on your partner.

The entire experience is something you two should do together. Take your time and create a relaxed mood.

After all, with less stress and importance being put on intercourse itself, you may just become relaxed enough about it to finally last a bit longer without any other changes.

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There’s really more at hand than skipping right to intercourse and the accompanying orgasm, so there’s no need to fret so much over it.

Learn whatever your physical boundaries are and compliment them to make the entire experience more fulfilling. Your partner will likely still be completely satisfied.