Magic Relationship Tip: Easy, Fun, Works Like Crazy

If you want to dramatically improve your relationship, there’s a ton of different things you could focus on…


You could spend years in couple’s therapy improving your communication skills (recommended)


You could splurge on a romantic weekend (or week!) far away from anyone that knows you and with no access to electronics, and preferably a place where you can swim naked together (high recommended)


You could do something terrifying together (bungie jumping anyone?)


You could get any one of my great programs for improving sex and intimacy (very seriously recommended)


..Or you could just do this one, simple, actually fun thing…

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It’s free, it’s brain-dead easy, it doesn’t take any extra time, and it’s crazy powerful for making your relationship more fun, more intimate, more sexually juicy, and more fulfilling.


I know that some people think that if it’s not hard to do or expensive, it can’t be that good, but that’s just not the case.  Sometimes one simple distinction can change your entire life in radical ways.


This is one of them.


I hope you’ll take me up on at least trying it…


For Passion,




PS, If you’re game, promise yourself to try it before you even go over to read what it is! You might find yourself thinking it’s something you did in the past, but if you didn’t do it CONSCIOUSLY and INTENTIONALLY, then believe me, you didn’t do it at all.  Once you actually commit to intentionally doing it you’ll discover amazing things about yourself and your partner.  I promise!