How To Seduce A Female Quickly

You can’t just get a girl to like you because you ask her out.

There are quite a few ways to seduce her that may or may not work.

The key is to keep trying and to know when to take no for an answer.

Sometimes, people keep trying too hard and that really offends a woman and then they never have a chance with her at all.

It’s also not good to be too shy, because without the ability to go up to someone to talk to them, you won’t get to know that person!

Women are animals just like men in that they have needs and they are natural.

If you can appeal to what they look for in a sub conscious way, you can make them fall for you.

Some women, for instance, will be way more receptive to a man if they know he is good with kids because they have a motherly instinct

Some women get turned on because a man has a nice car and looks like they have money.

Whatever it is that you do, you have to figure out what a woman wants.

Usually it’s just to have a good person to be with, but at other times it’s something else so it’s up to who it is.