Female Ejaculation: Is It Possible?


The topic of female ejaculation, often referred to as squirting, is a hotly debated subject.

Most people, however, simply want to know if it is real.

A recent study resolved the question of what is really happening when women “release” during sex. 

What the research concluded is that what most of us believe to be female ejaculation is incorrect.

Basically, we’ve been using the expression to include two distinct processes that can occur during sex, essentially giving ejaculation and squirting their own place in female sexuality. 

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They say that both are possible, but that both involve the release of different fluids which originate in different parts of the body.

Ejaculatory fluids are released in small quantities from the female prostate known as the Skene’s gland.

It creates additional lubrication but doesn’t require towels. 

Squirting involves the release of a clear fluid from the bladder In other words, it’s watery urine.

The researchers were able to prove this by the use of an ultrasound to detect the buildup of fluid, and by testing the liquid to find the same contents as in urine. 

So while female ejaculation has been scientifically proven to be real, the results of the research probably left both sides of the debate disappointed.