3 Tips To Managing Life With Diabetes


A diagnosis of diabetes can be life-changing, no matter what your age or status in life. After my diagnosis almost a year ago, I wasn’t sure how I’d cope. Here are the three tips that helped me learn to adapt the most:

1. Form A Complete Medical Team

I asked my doctor if he could refer me to a dietician and he obliged; since following her advice I’ve lost more than 30 pounds and find managing my blood glucose levels much easier.

2. Take Advice To Exercise Very Seriously

I always use to think exercise helped mainly with weight loss and while that is true, it also keeps your whole body in better health at the same time. Since diabetes is hormonal in nature, exercising to keep your metabolism working well is very helpful.

3. Stop Giving In To Temptation

It’s really hard to say no to the foods you’ve loved your entire life, at least it was for me. I’d always indulged in decadent desserts – especially after a long hard day or stressful event. However, once I made the commitment to eat better, my diabetes became much more manageable. I’m now very well-versed at resisting temptation and much healthier for it.

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Hopefully, you listen to what your doctor tells you and find a way to manage your diabetes Keeping it under control makes life so much more enjoyable and will probably give you at least a few more years of living, too.