How to Have Daily Shower Sex


Many individuals fantasize about engaging in sexual relations in the shower. You’re stripped, things are tricky, she looks truly hot all splashing wet and sparkly. There are a considerable measure of positive variables going on, yet in all actuality shower sex frequently doesn’t wind up being as hot as you anticipated. Why??!! All things considered, you truly need to comprehend what you’re doing, as a matter of first importance. In this way, that is what will discuss today. Shower sex can astonish, if done right, so here’s the means by which to do it right!


* Pick your planning – Shower sex can be a stunning approach to begin your day, however you have to ensure that both you and your accomplice really have sufficient energy to do it just before you make your turn. In the event that you spring the thought on her when she has quite recently enough time to experience her entire morning schedule before leaving for work, will get a firm NO and get pushed out of the shower. That is a certification. Along these lines, unless you’re both go-getters with a lot of time in the morning, you might need to give this a shot on an end of the week when you have sufficient energy to have fun.


* Keep her far from the flood of water – It’s extremely provocative to see your lady all shimmering with water, however the truth of the matter is that the surge of water will really wash away her normal vaginal oil. This will make sex extremely awkward for both of you and could even outcome in a disease for her. So unquestionably ensure you keep her far from the surge of water once you’re prepared to get inside her.


* Use a silicone based lube – So, despite the fact that it’s a smart thought to avoid the surge of water, your accomplice will at present likely get some of her regular grease washed away. That is when utilizing a silicone based ointment can be an astonishing arrangement. Silicone based lubes won’t wash away with simply water (you should utilize cleanser too once you’re prepared to get tidied up), so it makes the ideal expansion to shower sex. It would be ideal if you recollect to utilize it sparingly. It’s extremely elusive, so on the off chance that you squirt everything over and some goes on the floor, you could have a genuine slip and fall staring you in the face.

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* Keep the position straightforward – It’s a smart thought to keep BOTH feet on the ground and don’t have a go at anything excessively insane. The likelihood of slipping and falling in the shower is substantially higher, so it’s a smart thought to take no chances. A decent position to attempt is standing doggy style. Additionally, exploit any handles and handles your shower needs to help you or your accomplice prepare yourselves. Likewise put resources into a non slip tangle for the floor of the shower. This will give you included security from having a fall. A sex related shower episode is a certain approach to destroy the inclination and assurance that shower sex will never happen again.


* Do foreplay in the shower – Some couples find that really having penetrative sex in the shower simply doesn’t work for them, however foreplay in the shower is unbelievable. Utilize your shower time to get yourselves turned on for sex. Have a go at washing each other’s bodies with the cleanser and water, make out under the flood of heated water, stroke each other and touch each other everywhere. At that point, when you can’t take it any longer, get out, get each other dry a bit and get it on!


* Take a shower rather – Baths can likewise be a stunning approach to be personal together. To begin with, you should NOT endeavor to have intercourse under the water (for similar reasons you shouldn’t under the shower stream). Be that as it may, you can light candles around the tub, include some air pocket shower, pop a container of champagne, and truly have a fabulous time together!


* Invest in shower safe sex toys – Another approach to have an astounding time in the give your accomplice is to put resources into waterproof sex toys. You don’t need to utilize infiltration for it to consider sex, recollect! There are waterproof vibrators, vibrating wipes and notwithstanding vibrating network poofs! On the off chance that you haul one of these out and give your accomplice an astonishing climax to begin her day, she’ll likely be welcoming you into the shower significantly more frequently.


* Final note – If you and your accomplice utilize condoms, please ensure you are mindful so as to verify whether they can be utilized with water

Can You Stretch Your Penis To Make It Larger?


A friend of mine was saying that he watched a video where a guy would hang small weights from his penis to make it longer. Is this something that would cause damage to the penis itself, or does it actually work for enlargement?

I have been using a pump for a while now and I have noticed that I have had quite the change in girth, so I would like to see more about trying to change up the length.

I am hoping that I would be able to use a combination of supplements and stretching to try to get some results, but I would really like to ensure that I won’t be damaging anything permanently.

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I haven’t had any issues with premature ejaculation, but I have read that some people who have been stretching for a while will either have issues with ejaculation, or they will end up going flaccid before they are able to ejaculate at all. 

The more that I can find out about this, the better. I like the results that I am getting from stretching, I am just afraid that I am going to start having some of these other issues.

The Main Problem With Manhood Enlargement

When it comes to the ever sensitive subject of manhood enlargement, there are an awful lot of factors that must be considered.

First of all, a lot of the supposedly permanent options out there aren’t the most trustworthy.

Many are also very expensive, especially when any sort of physical procedures come into question.

Then, a lot of the ongoing treatments that are on the market are of suspicious quality, often coming in the form of sugar pill placebos and the like.

So, what do you do?

For a lot of guys, it really comes down to acceptance.

Learning to appreciate what you do have and realizing it isn’t the end of the world to lack a large penis is an important step.

Of course, it doesn’t have to end there however.

There are some simpler, more affordable, and healthy options to contribute some form of natural male enlargement

For example, simply losing weight can have a significant effect on the appearance.

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A better diet can also enhance the quality of erections, as can taking more vitamins.

Vitamin D in particular is very useful.

With all that in mind, if you’ve been looking for manhood enlargement options, just be careful.

Try the simple stuff first; you may be surprised with the results.

Are You Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction in Your Own Life?

At one point in time, the condition known as erectile dysfunction was not talked about and men suffered in silence.

However, that has changed in recent years, allowing for men and their partners to revitalize their private lives and make things better.

If you find yourself in this situation or are with a partner who is experiencing erectile dysfunction, take heart!

You are not alone!

There are lots of men around the world who are in the same boat that you are as far as erectile dysfunction goes. huge load formula extreme reviews

Fortunately for you and them, there are things that can be done to fix this situation starting today.

You have pharmaceutical options as well as tried and true remedies that have been used around the world by indigenous folks

Find out what is the cause of your troubles so that you can then use the best treatments to give you the improvement you need.

Taking pills or herbs will make a big difference in your life and make your significant other much happier as well.

Take the time to learn more so that you can always make informed decisions when you are trying new things.

Female Ejaculation: Is It Possible?


The topic of female ejaculation, often referred to as squirting, is a hotly debated subject.

Most people, however, simply want to know if it is real.

A recent study resolved the question of what is really happening when women “release” during sex. 

What the research concluded is that what most of us believe to be female ejaculation is incorrect.

Basically, we’ve been using the expression to include two distinct processes that can occur during sex, essentially giving ejaculation and squirting their own place in female sexuality. 

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They say that both are possible, but that both involve the release of different fluids which originate in different parts of the body.

Ejaculatory fluids are released in small quantities from the female prostate known as the Skene’s gland.

It creates additional lubrication but doesn’t require towels. 

Squirting involves the release of a clear fluid from the bladder In other words, it’s watery urine.

The researchers were able to prove this by the use of an ultrasound to detect the buildup of fluid, and by testing the liquid to find the same contents as in urine. 

So while female ejaculation has been scientifically proven to be real, the results of the research probably left both sides of the debate disappointed.