Maybe Lasting Longer In Bed Isn’t So Important


There’s a lot of pressure on people, guys especially, to be able to last for a long time in the bed room.

While premature ejaculation can definitely put a damper on the mood, prolonging the actual act of intercourse itself is far from the only important aspect of physical intimacy.

That’s especially true if you’re in a committed relationship.

There are ways to maximize how long you last of course, but if you find that you’re still “falling short” in that area, you can still enjoy yourself and show your partner a good time.

You should focus more on foreplay and putting the spotlight on your partner.

The entire experience is something you two should do together. Take your time and create a relaxed mood.

After all, with less stress and importance being put on intercourse itself, you may just become relaxed enough about it to finally last a bit longer without any other changes.

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There’s really more at hand than skipping right to intercourse and the accompanying orgasm, so there’s no need to fret so much over it.

Learn whatever your physical boundaries are and compliment them to make the entire experience more fulfilling. Your partner will likely still be completely satisfied.

3 Tips To Managing Life With Diabetes


A diagnosis of diabetes can be life-changing, no matter what your age or status in life. After my diagnosis almost a year ago, I wasn’t sure how I’d cope. Here are the three tips that helped me learn to adapt the most:

1. Form A Complete Medical Team

I asked my doctor if he could refer me to a dietician and he obliged; since following her advice I’ve lost more than 30 pounds and find managing my blood glucose levels much easier.

2. Take Advice To Exercise Very Seriously

I always use to think exercise helped mainly with weight loss and while that is true, it also keeps your whole body in better health at the same time. Since diabetes is hormonal in nature, exercising to keep your metabolism working well is very helpful.

3. Stop Giving In To Temptation

It’s really hard to say no to the foods you’ve loved your entire life, at least it was for me. I’d always indulged in decadent desserts – especially after a long hard day or stressful event. However, once I made the commitment to eat better, my diabetes became much more manageable. I’m now very well-versed at resisting temptation and much healthier for it.

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Hopefully, you listen to what your doctor tells you and find a way to manage your diabetes Keeping it under control makes life so much more enjoyable and will probably give you at least a few more years of living, too.

How To Seduce A Female Quickly

You can’t just get a girl to like you because you ask her out.

There are quite a few ways to seduce her that may or may not work.

The key is to keep trying and to know when to take no for an answer.

Sometimes, people keep trying too hard and that really offends a woman and then they never have a chance with her at all.

It’s also not good to be too shy, because without the ability to go up to someone to talk to them, you won’t get to know that person!

Women are animals just like men in that they have needs and they are natural.

If you can appeal to what they look for in a sub conscious way, you can make them fall for you.

Some women, for instance, will be way more receptive to a man if they know he is good with kids because they have a motherly instinct

Some women get turned on because a man has a nice car and looks like they have money.

Whatever it is that you do, you have to figure out what a woman wants.

Usually it’s just to have a good person to be with, but at other times it’s something else so it’s up to who it is.

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Why It’s Never A Good Idea To Take Viagra If You Have Erection Problems

If you are having erection problems, the last thing you want to do is to take that blue pill called Viagra.


Because it is basically just a band-aid solution that will not solve the main problem.

It will only address the symptom.

And you will make yourself dependent on Viagra for your pleasure.

That’s right.

Erection problems are basically just symptoms of some larger problem.

As to what it is, really varies from one man to another.

For some, it’s a medical condition that causes blood flow problems like diabetes.

For others, it’s chronic stress.

Still, there are men whose erectile dysfunction problems is caused by not having the right physical tools to get a proper erection.

Hopefully, the cause of your erection is either of the first two, because if it’s the third, you have no choice but to get a surgically installed implant that will create an erection on demand.

It’s an expensive operation and it hasn’t even been done in the United States.

For your sake, though, don’t go around being paranoid thinking that you do not have the right tools.

Check with your doctor to determine the root causes.

Magic Relationship Tip: Easy, Fun, Works Like Crazy

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You could get any one of my great programs for improving sex and intimacy (very seriously recommended)


..Or you could just do this one, simple, actually fun thing…

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My Wife Thinks I Am Undergoing Penis Enlargement For Her


My wife does not seem to mind that we have been taking a break from our sex life lately.

I told her I am undergoing a program for manhood enlargement, and I can not do certain things right now. She bought it, and it was half true.

I am undergoing a program for manhood enlargement, but I am fully cleared to still do certain activities during the process.

It’s just that I am sleeping on the couch, like I have been for months, and I refuse to have sex with her just so I can share a bed with her.

She thinks I’m doing the enlargement to satisfy her, but I’m saving it to satisfy my future relationships.

In truth, I’m saving up my money for the new year, when my raise at work kicks in and I can afford my own place.

Then my lawyer is going to hit her with divorce papers so fast and hard it makes her head spin and world stop moving.

I’ll take my enhanced manhood back onto the dating scene and find a woman who does not try to control me with criticisms and guilt trips all the time.

You Are What You Eat…And That Makes Your Penis Sad

Never underestimate the power of a good erection.

A strong erection is a surefire way to impress a girl. You don’t have to be naked for her to see it.

Many times, a woman will become impressed and want you just by the outline your member has created behind your jeans.

However, you may find that it is getting harder to get those rock hard erections the older you get.

Or you may be a younger guy and feel as though your penis is giving you the short end of the stick (no pun intended). Well it’s time to bring your penis back to its ultimate state of glory!

One of the primary reasons men both young and old are having erectile difficulties has to do with their daily diets.

A simple way to improve your penis is to go on a heart healthy diet

In short, if the food is good for your heart it is going to have a positive effect on your little guy as well. In simplest terms, you will want to keep the junk food to a minimum, as well as lowering your fat and carbs. In a short time you will see that your penis is coming back bigger and better than ever before.